Sunday, January 13, 2013

sunday sweets {winter warm up & a nice escape}

{photo by Jade McCully}

Just wanted to pop by and update you on a few little things.

 First off, I wanted to share this sweet shoot I was able to do with Andrea {Gray Harper Event Maker} and Jade {Jade + Matthew Take Pictures}.The shoot was featured on The Sweetest Occasion last week. While it may not get too chilly in Savannah {it's 80 now}, this sunny cocktail & spicy chocolate pudding combo is perfect for warming up a cold winter afternoon. We had so much fun putting it together, and even more fun consuming both later. 

In other news, Jacob and I decided to take advantage of the slow winter travel season, by taking our honeymoon. So right now I'm typing this from Napa, CA in  our sweet fancy condo {hotel upgrade}, next to a fire place and overlooking a vineyard, not too shabby. We're taking this time to relax {something that hasn't happened in a while}, and also to fill ourselves with excellent food, wine, & beer. We spent the last couple of days with dear friends in San Diego doing just that, three days, 8 different breweries {i'm ready to switch to wine}

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