Thursday, January 20, 2011

zunzi's {nom nom}

It's common knowledge that Zunzi's is one of the best {if not the best} lunch establishment in all of Savannah. Owned and run by a husband and wife team {she is Italian and he's South African}, it offers an eclectic menu of food from lasagna to shepherd's pie to the most amazing chicken sandwich ever : the conquistador. It's also home to my favorite hummus and sweet tea {or african sweet tea, as it's called}. If you live in Savannah and you've never been, you're crazy and you need to go now. If you're visiting, this is probably one of the best meals you'll have while here.

PS. When they ask you if you would like the special sauce on top of your sandwich, the answer is always YES. Trust me.


  1. it was the best hummus and sweet tea! I still talk about that sweet tea to everyone I meet haha

  2. ZUUUNZZIS! I miss it so much! That's it, I'm coming to visit you now.



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