Friday, February 1, 2013

happy super bowl weekend!

{photo by Andrea Gentl}

I can't believe it's February, feels like we were just getting ready for Christmas! I'm super excited that it's February though, because this weekend is the Super Bowl! It's no secret that I've become a huge football fan, and while my team may not have even made it to the playoffs this year, and my other team is a joke, this game is extremely exciting because Jacob's team is in it! Being a Baltimore/DC fan has left him skeptical in recent years, but the super bowl run made by the Ravens this year has been inspiring, and has given him hope. I, being the great wife that I am, will be cheering for the Ravens right along with him on Sunday. Nothing against the 49ers, in fact I love San Francisco, and it was so much fun to watch their last game at a bar in SF, but this game belongs to Baltimore, so, fingers crossed. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, with lots and lots of chicken wings and beer! 

Before the big game: 
1. Perhaps one these jobs will be good for me. 
2. Just in case you haven't figured out your plans for sunday, here's a couple of ideas. {1,2}
3. If only
4. This made me laugh every time I watched it, and it was a few times. 
5. If you watch Girls, then you've already seen this, but it's amazing anyway

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