Thursday, December 30, 2010

memorable moments of 2010 {paris}

Paris. Sigh.

I had always wanted to go. I had planned on it several times and somehow over the years they each fell through. The opportunity arose in February and I made a last minute decision to go. By last minute I mean I decided on Monday at 2:00, bought a ticket and left 24 hours later. It was one of those moments where I could almost feel the opportunity slipping away and I wasn't sure when it would come up again. So I went. I stayed in a lovely little hostel in Montmarte and visited my dear friend Reba.

It was February so it was gray and cold for most of the time I was there, but there were some days where the sun would come out. We spent a lot of time seeking warmth inside cafes, museums, bookshops and more cafes. I don't think I need to tell you that we spent a majority of the week eating, that much should be expected. Laduree became a favorite of ours. Their rose tea and macarons were amazing, but even more so was the decor. It's hard not to sit within those pink marble walls and not feel special enough to lift a pinky when drinking tea. We also spent a good amount of time sipping hot chocolate at Cafe le Flore, a treat I haven't stopped craving since.

My sister had given me Breakfast, Lunch, Tea for Christmas and I had to go check out Rose Bakery. I think we had three different meals there, but my favorite was their basic bacon and eggs. It came with a roasted tomato and the best mushrooms I have ever had. Also they asked if I wanted a "big coffee" and I almost died with happiness at that point, having grown somewhat tired of drinking espresso. I know, I know, but sometimes when you're away from home little thing like that can be such a comfort.

We also stayed warm by purchasing banana nutella crepes every chance we got. "Oh, are you cold? Well I know we just had dinner and dessert but we could get a crepe, I mean strictly for warmth right?" Let's just say I needed a week of detoxing from food when I returned home.

Anyway, Paris was definitely a highlight of 2010, one that would love to make a highlight of each year if I could. Perhaps I'll be able to visit again in 2011, I'll keep you posted. :)

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