Thursday, June 9, 2011

abita S.O.S.

Abita is a craft brewery outside of New Orleans. Jacob and I picked up their SOS Pilsner last fall at CBX mostly because it was for a great cause {but also because the bottle art is awesome}. With each bottle bought, Abita donates 75 cents to relief efforts in the gulf. People may not talk about the oil spill that much anymore, but it's really important to keep it in mind, since it's something that region, and the country, will be dealing with for years to come. Political opinions aside, this is a wonderful idea, and it's not Abita's firs, they also created Restoration Ale after Katrina. This pilsner is great for a hot day, and the bottle would make a lovely vase, because it's just too pretty to throw away. Also you can feel good about yourself and the company when you buy it, which is always nice.

Check out the SOS website, it's pretty awesome.

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