Tuesday, June 12, 2012

daydreams {kitchen makeover}

Lately I've been obsessed with the idea of change. There's a lot of it happening, but maybe not quite enough. Sometimes there's things I can't quite control, and if I can't control them, I certainly can't change them. However, there are a few things within my control, like redecorating our house, which {along with change... and everything neon} is another one of my obsessions as of late.

Our bedroom and kitchen are the two problem areas for me. We actually decorated the kitchen already, Jacob thought we were done. But lately I've been hating the color, and, despite his complete disdain for painting, Jacob has actually admitted to hating it as well. It's mustard, which I actually love, but it's casting a weird light on everything we cook, and sometimes I fell like it's just a little too... I don't know, loud? cheery? encroaching?

Perhaps a nice crisp white would work, with a splash of colorful backsplash, and maybe some new chairs for our dining room table would be nice. Oh! and new flooring... and maybe a window... and perhaps some new cabinets... and maybe {while we're at it} some new countertops.

I don't know these are just some thoughts. Jacob better get out his tools.

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