Wednesday, June 27, 2012

events around town

{poster by Jared Morgan}

{poster by samantha huba, yes, me}

Just wanted to get the word our on some events happening around Savannah at the moment. Bug, by Tracy Letts, is being performed at the Bay Street Theater, this weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Jacob and I went last week, and really enjoyed it. It's a bit graphic, so if you get grossed out by blood {as I do} you may want to sit in the back row. Our two very good friends are directing and acting in it, so GO.

Also, July 3rd, The Distillery will be having a "Cheers to Independence" night with Samuel Adams beer on tap and reps on hand. Too often people {including myself} complain about nothing happening in Savannah, well here's some stuff, so get out of the house.

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  1. Love the poster designs! Girl, you've got mad type skills.



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