Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wedding wednesdays {vows}

I have a tendency to get carried away {some may call it obsessed...ahem Jacob} with details. It's very easy to do this with a wedding. The small things {shoes, veil, glasses, jewelry, makeup, hair, etc} seem to be stressing me out far more than any of the big ticket items did. I understand how easy it is to focus on these types of things and forget about what's really important, the actually wedding.

So lately Jacob and I have been discussing the vows, which is a daunting and scary thing. Should we write our own, or not? It's very overwhelming to recite your feelings in front of a crowd of people, even if they're close friends and family, especially when you don't like public speaking anyway. I am one of these people. I hate talking to a crowd, I usually make a joke or say something silly to make myself a little more comfortable. I'm also not very good at being mushy or romantic, so that might be a little difficult for me. However, everyone I've spoken to felt that writing their own vows was definitely worth it in the end, and Jacob informed me last night, that he's already figured out pretty much what he's going to say. So ... you know... no pressure or anything.

Also, today marks four months until the wedding! I say this with excitement and horror, it feels like we just got engaged. I've been working on the wedding for 8 months and I feel like I have so much still to do. Where did all the time go?


  1. Dear Samantha,
    I can totally understand you. I've just experienced a wedding day just 1 month ago. I'm not going to give you tips about how to be ready for that "big day" because for me, nothing was ready until that day!
    I was sad, anxious, excited etc.but when we entered the wedding place, I blacked out, not phsically but emotionally ! :) Because everyone was there to see me happy and cheerful and they were there to be with me,on my very special day I understood that my worries were needless...
    So please don't be anxious because I guarantee that you will write a wonderful post and share beautiful pictures,just like your day. Because there is no "bad wedding day" in the world!
    All the best,



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