Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 gift guide {for him}

Christmas gifts have been stressing me out more than usual this year, I had resigned myself to the idea that everyone would be getting photos of our wedding, but that seemed a little boring. So, I poured over websites and blog guides to find the perfect gift for the special ones in my life. 

For Jacob, while I started out conservative, it seems I've once again gone over budget, but in doing so, I found a lot of great gifts for the lovely, manly men in your life, so you're welcome. 

1. Hudson Manhattan Whiskey; 2. State Print; 3. Ron Swanson Mug; 4. Gold Jigger; 5. Joe Beef Cookbook; 6. J.Crew Sweater; 7. Brooklyn Beer Making Kit; 8. Royal Crown Pomade; 9. Beer/Food Calendar; 10. Shun Chef's Knife; 11. Billy Reid Tee; 12. Humidor; 13. Gold Cheese knife set 

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