Friday, March 14, 2014

have a lucky weekend!

{photo by Jade & Matthew Take Pictures}

As I've mentioned before, St. Patrick's Day is HUGE in Savannah. People have been celebrating since last weekend, the fountains have all been dyed green for a couple weeks now, and I've seen more than a few people with a "kiss me I'm Irish" t-shirt on already. Honestly, it's not my favorite of holidays. I sort of wish people wouldn't blow into town, make a mess of everything and leave but I could just be cranky because I can never find a parking spot. 

If you have similar feelings, why not enjoy the festivities from the safety and comfort of your home? Throw a St. Patrick's Day dinner party perhaps? Complete with pots of gold and irish whiskey? That sounds much better to me, and you're in luck! {see what I did there?} The lovely and talented Andrea, from Gray Harper Event Maker, put together a beautifully styled St. Patty's dinner table over on The Sweetest Occasion Blog that will hopefully inspire you to entertain at home this year!

Stuff and things and such: 
1. Also over on The Sweetest Occasion, Matthew's Irish Coffee, & my Chocolate Mint Cookies
2. Currently swooning over these lovelies
3. I seriously love Leslie Knope
4. This video made me laugh/cry/whine about how cute it is. 

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