Thursday, March 6, 2014

must watch {her}

So, Jacob and I have been spending a lot of evenings at home catching up on movies, specifically the big Oscar nominated ones. So far we've watched Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, American Hustle, Wolf of Wall St., and, last night, Her. We've enjoyed them all, Wolf of Wall St. was my favorite, but I think Her might be my new one. 

The entire movie is shot in these beautiful shades of blush, red, and orange. It's absolutely breathtaking. The premise of the movie is pretty straight forward and some might say a little odd, but Spike Jones does is so eloquently and with such relatable details that it becomes really complex and thought provoking. His depiction of the future isn't some over the top, stereotypical look with flying cars, and strange clothing {although I love that everyone has mustaches and wears high waisted pants, it's almost a return to the late 70's, but like the good fashion from that era}. It's a pretty believable view of the future, one that we're probably heading towards within the next ten years or so. 

Spike Jones has this amazing ability to create stories that make you question your life, love, and relationships. Her is a perfect example of that. I loved the idea that the reasons two people end up together are intangible. There are things you can point at to say what you love about the other person, but the chemistry or the one thing that keeps you together is inexplicable. It also explores human beings' basic desire for love and companionship. In many of the scenes I found myself being really sad about the way social media and technology were replacing actual human contact, a topic often discussed in a web design class I took at SCAD, and one that's becoming more and more prevalent every year. 

Anyway, it was amazing and I suggest you see it, at the very least for its exquisite imagery... and high waisted pants. 

Also, this poster is amazing. 

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