Thursday, September 9, 2010

fall favorites.

ok, so fall weather doesn't really come to savannah until november-ish but every year as soon as september rolls around i decide to ignore the temperature and act like it's not 96 degrees. i start drinking pumpkin beer, making chili and wearing scarves long before the first cool autumn breeze blows through the south.

so it's only fitting i begin a list of my favorite things about fall in anticipation for my most loved season.

today i'll begin with football. yes, that's right, football. i just took this girly blog to a whole new level, i'm aware. the thing is, i never liked it when i was younger, i didn't understand why anyone would want to watch hours of a bunch of fat, sweaty men throwing themselves at each other over some stupid ball. however, think about what happens when football comes around. chili. beer. chips. this should be enough to make anyone love the sport.

a couple of years ago my boyfriend sat me down and explained the game to me, explicitly. once i knew what was actually going on and had a bag of fritos, i was a happy girl. being a proud new yorker, i have to root for the giants AND the jets. my father is a HUGE J-E-T-S fan, but i've always had a thing for any new york team, so the giants get my vote as well, not to mention that eli has the goofy cuteness a girl just can't resist.

so tonight the actual season kicks off with the saints v. vikings game and i couldn't be more excited. fall is here, maybe not outside, but definitely in my house.

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