Sunday, September 26, 2010

sunday brunch

is there anything better? the answer, most assuredly, is no.

even if you have a million chores around the house, or homework, taking time out on a sunday morning and going out for french toast and coffee is a good idea. it's just so relaxing. going out for breakfast has always been one of my favorite things to do, and it's especially nice around this time of year because it gets slightly cooler (try 85 degrees) so we can sit outside and bring the buddies (dogs).
i always find it difficult to choose between sweet and savory at breakfast. usually i can coerce someone into sharing, but not today. i chose to go with the peach french toast with a vanilla bourbon custard at 700 drayton and it was delicious! i probably would have been happy just eating the custard to be honest, mmm.
my friends got the fried chicken and cobb salad. both were delicious as well.

side note: i don't know what it is but i have been on such a fried chicken and banana pudding kick for the last couple of weeks. this coming from a girl who didn't try either one until about her third year of living in the south, go figure.

it was a little cooler so the buddies were able to come. bruce seemed to enjoy himself too, although i think he enjoyed running around in the park after even more. :)

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  1. Ok that's it we're going to 700 Drayton the next time we are in Savannah. That french toast looks amazing! And, I love the photos of cute...tell Tara we said hello. Love the blog...



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