Monday, September 13, 2010

a work in progress {our house}

decorating takes time. this is what i have learned in the first 10 months of being a home owner. i wanted to have a lot more done by now, but i'm learning the difficult art of being patient. this is not one of my strongest personality traits, but i must say, what is finished in the house is quite lovely.
we began with the living room. it's the largest part of the house and maybe the most important. we wanted it to look lived in, even though it's a new house. most importantly, we wanted people to walk in and say "this is totally you." to do this, i spend a lot of time thrifting and reading martha stewart. oh that martha, sigh.

i love all of our art on the walls. we've spent a lot of time collecting various music and art prints. much of the work we have is from some of out talented friends. having gone to scad, we have had the opportunity to befriend a lot of talented illustrators and painters. it was really important to us to surround ourselves with artwork from them. i'm sure there will be more added. we're trying to create gallery walls, for some of the prints we have bought frames, while others we put together and stained ourselves.
the curtains were another project. i bought cheap, plain ones from ikea, hemmed them with the help of my friend reba, and then dipped the bottom in grey fabric dye. my favorite pieces of furniture are the couch and chair, both from room and board, and the vintage white cabinet which we made into a bar. i'll probably feature that in more depth at a later date though.

the deer head is actually one jacob shot... sorry vegetarians. below it on the mantel is one of my most prized possessions. my growing collection of penguin classics designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith that jacob started for me.
so that's the first {almost} finished room in the house, just a little taste of more to come :).


  1. Sam- What was the book you were looking for again that you can't find? I can get things from Penguin for free because of teaching English (just found that out the other day, BEST news of my life!). Let me know which ones you are missing and I can prob get them for you for free OR at a discounted price! : )
    <3 Shannon

    PS The house looks great! Want to decorate my apartment for me when I move to SC?! Haha

  2. LOVE IT! I can't believe you are a home owner! So grown up and classy.

  3. Shannon, we are on the lookout for Madame Bovary and Crime & Punishment from the first series (which don't seem to exist for some reason). You can see them here :

    The new F. Scott Fitzgerald series from C.B. Smith is beautiful, too, so if you see them let us know :

  4. Okay, I'll let you know! I have to place an order with Penguin in a few weeks. I'll ask them when I call! :)



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