Monday, February 28, 2011

academy awards {thank god for fashion}


There was no other reason to watch this year's Oscars. I mean I liked the movies, and the people nominated, but there really wasn't any surprise. Everyone that was supposed to win won and the only mildly fun speeches were Melissa Leo's f*bomb and Colin Firth.

Not to mention, and I hate to even bring this up because I know you're all trying to forget, but SOMETHING need s to be said about the hosts. James Franco and Anne Hathaway were painful to watch. So boring right? First off, James was clearly high, and Anne... well I really do love her, but I thought she was on some kind of upper and James was definitely on a downer. WHAT a train wreck.

Thank god for the fashion. I mean some of the ladies really turned it out last night, these are some of my favorites. Aside from the ladies shown, I will say that Anne's only redeeming quality last night was her eight costume changes. Really beautiful, but not even they could save her, sorry Anne.

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