Monday, August 8, 2011

wildflower saison {a year in the making}

A year ago our lovely friends Kelsey and Erik {!} were married. Their wedding was so quirky and fun that we wanted their gift to be the same way, so we decided to brew a batch of wildflower saison in their honor. Unfortunately we may have jumped into the brewing pool a little too quickly and made a few mistakes {too much carbonation in beer = exploding bottles, now you know}. Because we didn't want are newly married friends to be cut and/or maimed by exploding glass, we decided not to give them their beer last year. We had to wait a little while for the perfect saison brewing climate to brew another batch, but we finally finished it and gave them their gift just in time for their first wedding anniversary.

The idea was that they could open a bottle each year around their anniversary, so we gave them six bottles, one for their wedding day and one for the next 5 years. I made the labels depicting them and their ever-changing looks for each year. Apparently in year 3 they turn into Amish folk singers based on Erik's facial hair and Kelsey's "peter pan" collared shirt. We also dipped each of them in gold wax to and made personalized tulip glasses with their graphics etched on them, to really complete the look.

It was so much fun to work on these and even more fun to give them to our friends!


  1. They look wonderful Sam and Jacob... I can attest to the exploding bottles since I witnessed it.

  2. Amazing! I love this idea. I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks!



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