Friday, September 16, 2011

have a lovely fall weekend!

I had a pumpkin latte this morning which can only mean one thing: fall. 

The first cool breeze blew through Savannah today and it immediately made me smile. I had had enough of the heat. This weather will probably not last too long, as we are usually pretty hot until November, but I intend on enjoying it while I can. 

Things you may have missed while you were standing in line attempting to purchase Missoni for Target:
1. For Me, For You still has necklaces for sale, usually they're gone within hours, so I suggest you take advantage!
2. Illustrated portrait tees {freddie, john, and nicki are my favs}
3. Another awesome blog to check out, with great hair tutorials. 
4. Love this look from J.Crew, also did you see their Spring 2012 RTW line? 
5. Must have one of these beautiful ombre bags. 

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