Monday, November 14, 2011

oysters, dresses, and cameras

This weekend was a blast, but now I find myself needing another weekend to recover. Friday was the night of our engagement party and it was amazing. We were so happy with everyone that came and so thankful to have so many lovely people in our lives. I'll have more photos later, but for now please accept this small phone camera pic. 

Saturday I went dress shopping with the moms and am pleased {and surprised} to say that we found a dress! If only the rest of the wedding planning process could be that easy! 

As for Sunday Sweets, I didn't forget. Last week I made a lovely apple butter in anticipation for this week, since I knew it would be a busy weekend. Unfortunately, I left my camera in Jacob's mom's car and do not have any photos to share. Perhaps I'll wait a few weeks to post it, my apologies. In the meantime, here's a lovely food blog for you to enjoy. Aren't those photos just dreamy? 

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