Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wedding wednesdays {flowers and caps and veils, oh my!}

I've never fancied myself much of a veil girl. I'm not sure what I imaged wearing as a bride, but a thin piece of tulle that cost half a month's rent, wasn't it. Because of my obsession with watching wedding dress shows, I was well aware that once one has narrowed down the search the consultant starts to "jack you up." Meaning they pull your hair back, and slap on a headpiece, this is supposed to make you feel like bride {as if the big white dress wasn't enough}.

I guess when you put on this ridiculously expensive hair clip, you're supposed to cry and feel transformed. I felt neither. It seemed strange. I was happy with the dress and the idea of shoes and accessories, but the veil really didn't do it for me. Is this weird? Am I immune to bridal emotions?

To me the idea a of a veil covering my face, or even floating behind me, is a dated concept. I've seen them done really well on my friends and other brides, but when imagining one on myself, i don't know, it just doesn't feel like me. SO now I'm stuck with trying to figure out what does. Perhaps a flower? A french inspired lace cap? Or the {somewhat over played} birdcage?

I have plenty of time to figure this out, but these small details are what I'm most excited about getting to.

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