Friday, April 12, 2013

have a dreamy weekend.

One of my absolute favorite things about Savannah in the spring has to be the wisteria. I understand that it's an invasive weed that has very thick branches and seems to overtake everything, but it's so pretty. I love that it pops up in random places, like between trees on Truman Parkway and  over chainlink fences. I see one particular outbreak on my way to work in the morning and it always makes me smile. 

This weekend is one of those quintessential spring weekends in Savannah. The Masters are on, and being only two hours away, everyone is abuzz about going out there or watching it here, and it seems like Bubba Watson's name works it's way into every conversation. My dad used to watch golf on spring weekends and I always thought is was the most boring thing ever, but now I find myself getting excited for every golfing event that comes on. There's something so traditional and prestigious about it, it's hard not to get caught up in the whole thing. 

So this weekend, aside from watching The Masters, I have a ton of freelance to get done, some really exciting projects in the works, and possibly some strawberry picking/lots of baking. I hope you all have a very lovely, springy weekend! 

Just in case The Masters don't interest you:
1. Must make some of this no knead bread. 
2. Love these photos of "Maddie on things," if only I could get Bruce and Franklin to pose for me.
3. SO unbelievably excited for this to happen!!!!! Finally an actual accomplished chef in Savannah {as opposed to those fake food network ones.}
4. I would have to agree Ron, i would have to agree.
5. Make sure you check out the new Smitten Magazine! Some of my lovely and talented friends are in it, as well as some incredibly beautiful weddings {and ads if I do say so myself}

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