Wednesday, April 10, 2013

rifle iphone cases!

So, I finally made the switch to the iphone 5 after living with a busted up droid for 18 months! The difference a working phone can make is kind of remarkable. I can now answer it in public without having to talk on quality of life has really improved. The only problem is I'm slightly accident prone {by slightly I mean extremely}, so I had to get the mother of all cases for this new phone. It's literally twice the size of a naked iphone, I'm pretty sure I could use it as a weapon. I suppose it's a good thing though, as I dropped the phone 20 minutes after purchasing it and everything was still intact. 

Anyway, if I wasn't so clumsy, I would have to buy just about every case Rifle Paper Co. just released. It's no secret I'm obsessed with their illustrations, greeting cards, & calendars and when I saw they were coming out with these little beauties, I jumped for joy. They or may not have played a part in my need for a new iphone. Perhaps I'll get a few and use them only for special occasions... 

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