Thursday, May 5, 2011

derby girl

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday. It's funny that people get so excited for what ends up being a 45 second race, I guess it's a testament to how much women like getting dressed up. The Kentucky Derby is America's excuse to dress as though they are attending a royal wedding. I'm talking about hats people. The tradition of large hats in this country is mainly saved for sunday church, but a horse race of this size is clearly the other exception.

This day is also an excuse to consume copious amounts of mint juleps {as if we needed a reason}. For those of you not familiar with the southern drink, it's a delicious blend of muddled mint, soda water, and bourbon {it's mainly bourbon with a little mint, let's be honest}, they're kind of a big deal here.

Anyway, whether you're betting on the race or having friends over for a backyard bbq {slash mint julep extravaganza}, I think we can all agree a hat will be a must.

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