Monday, May 2, 2011

our house {flower boxes}

Jacob and I had yesterday off together so we decided to tackle a project. We've been trying to pretty up the front yard a bit lately. Last week we added some flowers near the door and some jasmine around our mailbox. However, like many home improvements, fixing one thing only highlights others that need to be fixed. So after adding flowers, we realized the other side of the house was pretty bare, in came the flower boxes. I've been wanting some for a long time, but I don't like the coconut baskets and I think the plastic planters look kind of cheap on the front of house. So, as I do with most projects, I begged Jacob to build me something.

So he did. I helped by spray painting them white {I'm a big helper}. I think they look so sweet and I can't wait until all the flowers get bigger. Thanks Jacob!

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