Wednesday, October 26, 2011

one can never have too many books.

 I received another book from my friends at Princeton Architectural Press. I never know what book might be sent, but I'm always excited to see a mystery package at my front door. Today I opened the envelope to find Oak by Stephen Taylor. It's a collection of fifty paintings, all of the same 250 year oak tree. He painted the tree over the course of three years, capturing the different seasons and changing landscape around it. It's  a lovely series, and a great addition to our ever-growing book collection. 

Also, I finally used the amazon gift card I received from my birthday! I had been saving it for some books that weren't being released until today. I was able to chip away at my {very long} amazon wish list, and in addition to some Coralie Bickford books to add to our collection, I picked up Libbie Summers', The Whole Hog Cookbook. Libbie is from Savannah, and I can't wait to use this book. The photos and design inside are beautiful! All in all it was a pretty good haul. 

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