Friday, October 1, 2010

thrifting {junior league}

every fall the junior league of savannah holds a grand sale. they fill the civic center to the brim with used furniture, clothes, decorations and other trinkets for us to vigorously scavenge through. last year i came out victorious, with 6 dining room chairs and small odds and ends. this year, well, i was slightly disappointed. i went in ready to fight for side tables and a console table for our hallway, but i came out with a couple of a great old books and a silver platter. both items are awesome, don't get me wrong, but i do love the thrill of a good thrifted piece of furniture. oh the possibilities!

that said, the junior league sale is really for a wonderful cause and i am happy to be able to find anything to buy and contribute. i am quite pleased with this silver platter, i think once i shine it up it will be quite lovely.

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