Monday, October 11, 2010

what the what gap!?

I do not care for this new logo. Not one bit. The Gap logo is iconic, and while I realize that change is good and sometimes companies need to rebrand to bring in different audiences, this was a poor decision. The stores aren't hurting in a way that requires a full rebranding and with a Gap in EVERY town (seriously it's like the Starbucks, completely taking over) it just doesn't seem necessary to boost business, in fact I think it could end up hurting it. Listen, I love me some Helvetica which is what is used in this new logo, don't get me wrong, I use it quite often, but when you take a brand that's as big as the gap and you take a font that just as big and maybe one of the most recognizable, then if begins to look generic.

So because there has been such an uproar over this new logo, Gap is inviting people to send in their own ideas for a new logo. Should be interesting to say the least. It's always difficult to replace things that are icons in pop culture so we'll see if anything can make the public happy.

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