Friday, January 27, 2012

have a superb weekend.

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In Savannah, once Christmas is over, I'm kind of done with the cold. I like it to jump right into spring, lucky for me, this year it seems to have done just that. Today I sat outside in a t-shirt and a skirt, and I was hot. It's beyond beautiful, I know it probably won't last, but I really hope that it will at least stay like this a little while longer.

This weekend promises to be a busy one. Save the dates MUST go out. Between addressing, cleaning, applying, planning, and baking, I've really got a lot of things to get done. I hope your weekend is productive!

Incase you're not busy, here's some things to keep you occupied:
1.Ombre furniture... swoon.
2. Amazing camouflaged floral paintings.
3. How to throw yourself a pity party.
4. Adorable handmade Georgia wedding.
5. I am seriously obsessed with The Hunger Games and can't wait for the movie to come out. So when I saw they launched this website, I almost died. Also, find out what Panem district you belong too, here.

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