Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wedding wednesdays {catbird wedding bands}

Here's the thing, I love my engagement ring so much that I'm honestly not concerned with the wedding bands. Is that weird? Since my engagement ring is round, it either needs and band to wrap around or I will need to move it to my right hand, just when I'm getting used to having it on my left. I never really wore rings before, so it took long enough to accept that I had one on, two may just be too much.

That being said, I believe I could be ok with one of these from catbird. I really love how delicate and simple they all look. Especially that one with the knot in it.


  1. I have the middle but with three diamonds instead of 7. I adore it! I was worried when I ordered it that it wouldn't go with my ring (vintage) but I opened the box and it was perfect!

  2. this is comforting! that ring is so simple and classic that it might be perfect next to a vintage engagement ring, thanks!

  3. I LOVE the choices you have made here, beautiful and elegant and simple...



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