Monday, January 9, 2012

new coffee table and other home improvements

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I'm kind of obsessed with our new coffee table. Jacob and I have been wanting a new one for a while and we've always discussed making one but never got around to doing it. When we were at his parent's house in Maryland over Thanksgiving we finally made it a priority to go through their old barn in search for treasures. We found a lot, some perfectly weathered barn wood and an old rusted up metal frame. The frame was actually really ugly, but we took it anyway, knowing we could make something cool out of it.

So this weekend,we got to work. After much debate, we decided to spray paint the frame black, and I think it turned out great. So much better than the half gold, half rust mess it used to be. Jacob put together the top with a couple of large, industrial bolts and now we have a beautiful barn wood table. How much do you think we could sell this thing for at Paris Market or any other antique store? We didn't even stain this thing, that's how awesome the wood is. We just used the air compressor to get the dirt off, amazing.

We also took the time to do a few other home improvements. Some Christmas gifts that still had to go up, a little cleaning of the bar, and we finally put up one of the skulls Jacob found in the woods over Thanksgiving. He actually found a much larger one with an arrowhead sticking out of the nose {I KNOW!} but it was a little too heavy to put up at the moment, but I'm pretty happy with the little one right now.

A pretty productive weekend if I do say so myself.

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