Thursday, July 14, 2011

day dreams {white interiors}

Let me be frank. I could NEVER have an all-white room, I couldn't even have an all-white couch, trust me I've thought about it. There was one couch I was absolutely in love with, but I had to pass it up because the white would be ruined in about 2 seconds {the brown tweed couch I bought maintains it's color, but was still vulnerable to attack from Franklin}. That said, I do think there's something particularly lovely about white interiors. They always look so clean and calm. I especially love the white-washed, rustic look of some of these rooms. Having white floors and walls can really make simple, otherwise ordinary objects pop like flowers and books. I also feel like all of these rooms probably smell like laundry or gardenias.
I think this look works really well with beach cottages, perhaps one day I'll have one and I'll decorate it all in white {and maybe some blues}, and there will be no dogs allowed. A girl can dream.

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