Tuesday, July 19, 2011

design shows you should be watching

Secret from a Stylist is on HGTV Saturday nights at 9:00... it's kind of amazing. Emily Henderson takes a couple, figures out each of their styles and then melds the two to make one, cohesive, awesome room. She starts by taking one of their styles and creating a room based entirely on that, so that the couple can see how dominating going with one style can be. She then comes back and layers in the other's style. The only problem with this show is that it's in L.A. and she gets all sort of amazing deals from antique warehouses that I am unable to go to without an expensive plane ticket.

An added bonus to this show is that one of my favorite bloggers was featured on it, Oh Joy! {first photo, that's her wallpaper in the background too}.

If you have any kind of interest in interior design, you should be watching Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo Tuesday nights at 10:00. Tonight is the season finale, but you can see the rest of the season on On Demand. My personal favorite designer on the show is Kathy Ireland. I love her for many reasons: her scratchy British accent, her eccentric French housekeeper, but mostly, because her designs are amazing {shown above}. She creates spaces that, had I the money, I would create for my house. An almost crazy mix of texture, textiles, and color.. but it all works, and I love it.

Another show, would be Flipping Out on Bravo, but that's been on for a while, so you should all be watching it by now, right?

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