Friday, July 29, 2011

lake george

OR rather "scenes from my childhood."

Yesterday was a perfect day. The sun was shining and, despite the 84 degree temperature, there was a cool breeze, no humidity, just perfect. My mother and I decided to take a drive up to Lake George for lunch, shopping, and Martha's. This time of year is pretty busy up there, as you can imagine, lots of tourists, so we stayed in the car and were quite content with the windows down, driving around the lake and mountain for a couple of hours. The Adirondacks in the summer hold a very special place in my heart. When I was younger I spent summers at Girl Scout camp in Lake George, or on bike trips around the mountains, or {on very special occasions} day trips to the Great Escape.

No trip the Great Escape was complete without a trip to Martha's after for the best ice cream EVER. Seriously. I have been very vocal about my love for soft serve ice cream and how it should be made, Martha's does it perfectly. It's so creamy and custardy, mmmm. Plus they change their flavors everyday, yesterday they had Mocha twist, which is coffee and chocolate twist, so delicious. I also love their peanut butter and chocolate twist, and mint and chocolate... which they have tomorrow... perhaps another drive is required?

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