Monday, November 15, 2010

bailey doesn't bark

Let me begin by saying that I don't need anymore plates, cups, utensils, or tea towels. In fact, I don't need anything else for my kitchen at all. Cabinets are filled, which is saying something because we have a lot of cabinets. For two people we have more than enough of everything. However, I can't stop looking for more. Every time I find one thing I like, twenty more pop up.

While reading Martha Stewart yesterday, I discovered Bailey Doesn't Bark , I almost wish I had skipped the article because now I'm obsessed. I mean who wouldn't be? Look at how amazing the four seasons set is. Those spoons! What would I use them for? Maybe I could make jams and put them in little mason jars and then use the spoons for that... Is that good enough justification? Say "yes" my dear reader.

Now, aside from the four seasons set, I'm completely in love with these gold plates. Sigh. Perhaps I'll splurge someday, or wait until next week when I see a new set and fall in love again.

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