Tuesday, November 9, 2010

gift ideas {pantone mugs}

OK, get ready. Remember when I was posting about fall everyday? Well there may still be the occasional fall post, since it's only beginning her in Savannah, but now I have moved on to Christmas and gift giving ideas. My mother has been hounding me for my xmas list and to be completely honest, I can't think of anything I really need, but there's a lot of little things I really WANT. So, I think this is the perfect place to work through all the gift ideas in my head. I may even be able to figure out what to get my family, and hopefully some of these things will help you too.

Now on to the good stuff. I need another mug about as much as I need another hole in my head. I already have cabinets stocked to the brim with glassware and mugs, but I can't stop buying them. Is it weird that I fall in love whit drinking vessels too easily? Oh well. These are still going on the list. Pantone mugs. For any graphic designer, heck, for anyone that's ever taken any kind of computer class, these are for you. It doesn't get much more design geek. If you have a friend that's a graphic designer, this is a great idea. I mean who wouldn't want to sip their coffee out of the industry's standard color system?

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