Monday, November 1, 2010

shalom ya'll

Yesterday was a very special day indeed. Not only was it Halloween, but it was also the day of Savannah's annual Jewish Food Festival aptly named "Shalom Ya'll." How awesome is that name? Ridiculous.

We look forward to this day every year. Blintzes, chopped liver, tongue sandwiches, bagels, EGG CREAMS, latkes, matzo ball soup, I could go on. Every year I try to get there in time for the fresh Cholla and every year I fail miserably, just as I did this year. It was still a very enjoyable day though, the weather was perfect and the food was delicious. I look forward to the egg creams every year. I know that's it's something really simple and not as big of a deal as say latkes, but they remind me of home, and it's chocolate so how could I not look forward to it?

Ah, another Shalom Ya'll over... can't wait for next year!

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